Fonte da Benémola (Loulé) PR16 LLE

Percurso Pedestre Fonte da Benémola (Loulé) PR16 LLE

Deze wandeling start op een afstand van ong. 15 km van Casa Bela Vida, nabij Querença - Loulé.

Rijd met de wagen naar het startpunt waar er parkeergelegenheid is  : "Parque de Estacionamento Fonte Benémola".




Location: Fonte da Benémola (Querença parish); Loulé municipality;

GPS Coordinates : 37º 11’ 55,360’’N, 8º 00’ 15,759’’ W (start);

Grade: easy/moderate;

Type: circular; dirt tracks (predominantly); this trail is signposted;

Lenght: 4400 meters;

Average Completion Time: up to 2 hours;

Best Time to Visit: spring; may not be advisable on very hot days;

Activities: nature walks and hikes; birdwatching


The Fonte da Benémola Trail is a short circular walk that starts on a dirt track on the way to a small hamlet called Fica Bem. Do not expect to see spectacular scenery: instead, the rural scenery at Fonte da Benémola is peaceful, pretty and very bucolic. This trail crosses a Protected Landscape composed of woodland, meadows, and traditional farmland on the banks of the little river Menalva, deep in the Algarve’s Barrocal.

Tip :  doe de wandeling in de voormiddag, start om 10u .

Ga na de wandeling eten in de Tasquinha do Lagar, een typisch Portugese restaurant in Querença.



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